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Close as you can get to100% Efficient

Magnetic Gears

Magnetic Power Transmission

Magnetic Gears are friction less. There is no contact between the gear teeth. This means the gears operate without mechanical connection. No Friction, no maintenance, no lubrication, no heat generated, no noise and far more efficient than any other drive ever invented. MGT gears and couplings have been proven and used for many years in water pumps and many other applications around the world. MGT has a NATO Cage Code No. and can supply any NATO Military. Our proudest customer is NASA.



Australian Made our story

The pump housing units are manufactured and assembled in Melbourne, Australia.

Australia is a world leader in solar water pumping, our experience and manufacturing standards ensures the best quality and back up service for our harsh environment.

The MGT Solar Water Pumps and the Magnetic Power Transmission invented by Andrew French is an Australian Invention and has won many awards in Australia and worldwide. The MGT technology is proven to be as close to 100% as you can get and requires no maintenance.


Set up's & Specs

solar panel.jpg
battery leads.jpg
MGT 30 - 12 volt Pump
3 x MGT Magnetic Gears
1 x EMP 100 Watt DC Motor
1 x Roto Pump
1 x Australian made pump housing
1 x Anderson plug power connector

Weight 23 kilo

Size 400mm x 385mm x 250mm

Flow 30 litres a minute

Head 900 litres an hour at 30 metre head

Solar set up

1 x fold out 300 watt solar panel

1 x MPPT solar controller Australian made, with Anderson plug lead

Battery set up

1 x Vairable flow controller

1 x 12 volt power leads with alligator clips, with Anderson plug lead

Video Solar Pump running with solar panel only
                    No Battery - click above

MGT Pumps can run directly from the solar panels with no battery during the day,

or they can run from a battery with a speed controller, which gives flow control and night time operation and they can also be powered from a vehicle for 24/7 use.

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