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MGT Australia is an innovative company that specializes in magnetic frictionless gears and couplings. We are the original inventors and leaders in the field, developing advanced solutions that save down time, money, and energy. Our products are reliable and efficient, with no touching parts and no need for lubrication. Our products are perfect for sterile production lines and food and beverage

We offer high-quality gears and couplings that can be used in a variety of industries, from agriculture and construction to energy and aerospace. With our cutting-edge technology, we are revolutionizing the way in which machines are powered. Explore our products today and see how the MGT Australia technology can be designed into your machinery & production.

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Unlock New Possibilities with our Magnetic Bevel Drive Invention

Revolutionize Your Gear Design with Magnetic Bevel Drive

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Say goodbye to traditional gearboxes with our Frictionless Magnetic Planetary Gearbox! This revolutionary technology operates without any friction and eliminates the need for oil, resulting in a more efficient and durable system. We offer custom orders for both meshed and unmeshed gearboxes to meet your specific requirements. This cutting-edge invention is the perfect solution for industries looking to improve their equipment performance and reduce maintenance costs.

Our DIY Range is suitable for many applications
                   Use as a gear or a coupling

Contact us to discuss your application we have many years of experience

Solar Water Pumps


The World's Most Efficient

Magnetic Gearing - There is no energy lost to friction in the transmission of power from the motor to the pump.  The reduction gearing in a friction-less environment makes the drive more efficient than a direct drive or any other drive in the world. 


Pump from your water source into a header tank and gravity feed to stock troughs 24/7.

Transfer water anywhere and move the pump between jobs and around the farm wherever needed.

Off Grid Domestic Water

The MGT Solar Pump can run straight from the battery in any solar panel system. Perfect for off grid living and any remote area. Low noise and very little power consumption makes it perfect for off grid water supply. The magnetic drive system makes it the worlds most efficient solar water pump. It has great pressure and can pump water for showers, toilets, washing machines, kitchen sinks and even the dish washer.


Excellent for emergency pump outs. Running the pump just from a battery makes it quick and easy to use in emergency situations. It is very efficient so a charged battery will run the pump for 4 hours +. Perfect for built up and dense urban areas where access is hard and engine noise or fumes are a problem.


Battery operated MGT Solar Pumps are reliable, quick to start, self priming and can be vehicle mounted and hardwired. They can go in a trailer as a fire fighter or be used to pump water to sprinklers on buildings and property. They have one great advantage, they don't stop pumping if the power lines burn down or a blackout occurs. The pump will run for hours on a charged battery allowing people to evacuate whilst wetting down the house. The pump also works in reverse, so you can pump water in or out at the flick of a switch. Perfect for vehicles needing to fill from a water source on the run and something a petrol fire fighting pump can not do.

Marine Water Supply & Washdown

12 volt high pressure water supply at 30 litres a minute for boat kitchens, showers, and deck wash down.


We can design an aquaculture pumping system that runs on Solar Power with Battery backup or mains power. Our magnetic drive will make your pumping system more efficient and cheaper to run.


We can design a Solar or mains power pumping system to save your running costs with total flow control and timers if needed

Water Trucks and Ag Spraying

Powered from battery or hardwired to the vehicle, MGT pumps allow to you to fully control the motor speed and flow rate like no other pump on the market, this makes it perfect for spraying and water truck applications

Water Treatment & Aeration

We can design a solar or mains power pumping units for treatment and aeration pumping systems. They will save your running costs and reduce your sites carbon footprint. Our gearing and couplings have been used before in water treatment systems, reducing maintenance from flogged out couplings and stopping vibrations.

Food Processing & Beverage

MGT Pumps don't need protective covers around the gearing or couplings in sterile production areas. They have no grease or oil. No rubber to shred from V Belts contaminating production lines, this saving makes our couplings and gearing costs less to install maintain and run. 


The MGT Pump runs straight from a battery without any solar panels. Perfect for pumping water from building sites and any construction area. Run it straight from your car battery with a long lead from your car to the pump and get working quicker with no noise and fumes

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